MOBITEC is the best partner for Supply Chain. for All of us. for Me. for You.

We have many successful experience on the logistics environment.

And also, we have best solution for EDI.


Cobra System
(Container Drayage & Brokerage System)

The "Cobra" system is very effective in transporting containers. Many parts such as "D / O" input, invoice, and cost are automated, saving time. It also benefits communication because everyone using the system shares the same content at the same time.

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Cobra Mobile App
(iOS and Android)

Communication between Driver and Dispatcher, Manifest management, invoice submission, and more. In addition, GPS provides location tracking, direction, and map functions.


The latest technology, the Xamarin Platform, supports both iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

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Job Assign
Response Accept / Deny

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Driver and Dispatcher


System Integration

The introduction of ERP is very unlikely to succeed without the help of experts. There are many differences between a good ERP system and an ERP that suits my company . Especially with us who have a lot of experience in Logistics part. We will help you build an optimal solution at a reasonable cost.

Outsourcing IT Resource

Necessary but not inefficient.
The IT of small and medium-sized companies is always a problem. Organizations are small and inefficient to hire professionals.
Share IT professionals. I will help you as if it were your organization.

Cisco Networking Consulting

Do you need a great Network Expert? Many companies build networks, install firewalls and access points, but lack performance and reliability. We can build reliable systems for your company with Cisco products.

About us

Mobitec has a lot of experience in logistics. (Freight-Forwarding, Trucking, Warehousing, SCM, EDI, etc.) Based on this experience, we are developing Trucking Solution and Mobile Trucking Sloution. We strive for customer satisfaction based on technology such as EDI, Web-Tracking, Barcode and character recognition system that will add value to our solution.